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Summer Packing Guide!

Summer is officially here! While that means lots of free time to soak up the sun, for some people it also bring on the stressful task of packing. We all struggle through deciding what to take, and how to wear it..but this guide is here to give you some ideas and inspiration to save you time and effort! 

  • A few starters and tips is for things like shoes, accessories, and extras, try to bring only a few that can be worn many ways. This saves room and weight in your suitcase! Also lighter materials can also be helpful for this reason, and the weather!
The first packing destination guide is: Traveling to a city
~To start the week of travel, everyone needs something comfy to fly, or get settled in! This outfit is super comfy wearing the oversized sweatshirt, but is made more chic with the white shorts (still soft) and the floral scarf. To make travel easier, a good pair of espadrilles are super comfy and efficient. To finish the look, some beats and a cool backpack are perfect!

Top: American Eagle
Shorts: Zara
Scarf: Nordstrom
~The second outfit in the week long guide is giving a sweet, yet comfy feeling. Wearing the floral peplum is very cute with the pastel colors, but it made more casual paired with the button up around the waist. Another concept to think about is pairing the white shorts with the part white shirt, allowing the pieces to flow together because of the color. While the button up is dividing the flow to add an interesting dimension. To finish off this look, the white sandals flow with the outfit, and the bright cuff is a pop of color!

Top: Unknown
Shorts: Zara
Button-Up: American Eagle
Shoes: Nordstrom
Cuff: Kate Spade
~Third outfit is perfect for roaming the streets (and if you’re like me, the shops). The floral shirt is very light weight and cute. Paired with the ripped denim shorts it is made very casual and summery. To spice up the somewhat dull colors, and even make the outfit a little dressier, the glass tie beaded necklace with blues and greens is perfect. Adding the detailed sunglasses and cute shoulder bag is all you need for a day of fun!

Top: Zara

Shorts: American Eagle

Necklace: Unknown

Bag: MK

~This fourth outfit mixes different patterns and vibes. Having the boxy, geometric top, mixed the the more girly, floral scarf is a complementing combination. However, because there are so many patterns happening on top, the simple black shorts balance out the look. To finish it off, the simple gray and cream vest brings the whole look together by being the middle ground for the colors on top and bottom. 

Shirt: Zara
Vest: Buckle
Shorts: Forever 21
Scarf: Unknown
~The fifth look is very chic and dimensional..something that is a little more dressy and daring. For the basics a white tank and black shorts are easy. To add one dimension the draped pastel water color top is perfect. Then adding the boyfriend blazer gives another dimension and style. Mixing the white, blues and pinks, and black all complement each other, but are different enough that each piece stands on its on. To finish the outfit off, The long pearl necklace is simple, but the texture and color are perfect for the outfit!

Top: Nordstrom
Blazer: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Nordstrom
~For the final outfit in this city guide, it is very simple. For possibly the last day roaming around the city streets, the white blouse is simple and cute. The textured pattern shorts are one piece that stands out on its own making the outfit easy. Just adding the colored scarf and cuff gives you one more pop to make the outfit stand out, but really wouldn’t even be needed!

Top: Forever 21

Shorts: TopShop

Scarf: Unknown
Cuff: Zara
…That is it for the summer guide to cities! Next will be the guide to beach destination which will be posted soon. For any questions or requests please see the tab to the left! 
3 weeks ago
Anonymous asked: You should really do a YouTube channel and show how to wear things in different styles such as dressy casual. Also you should show how to do makeup even!


I’m definitely thinking about it!

1 month ago
Anonymous asked: I haven't seen much on your blog, but I already love it! Have you thought of making YouTube videos? I would love to watch them!


I have thought about it, but I’m not sure if i will make one. I might make videos and put them on here though. 

1 month ago

New Looks for New Seasons!

Finally, June has arrived…bringing warmer weather and fun! While school is coming to a close, and summer is around the corner, these are some outfit ideas that use concepts that you know, but add a new and exciting twist (for a new season).

Boy vs. Girl:

            Mixing patterns and styles is something that lots of people are afraid to do, but if you can do it right, it looks amazing! This outfit showcases the mix of a boxy shirt with a very girly pair of floral shorts. The plain geometric pattern and very boxy style give off a sporty feel. Mixing that with the opposite style, flirty and girly, not only makes people look twice, but it ends up working together really well. Now this can be adapted to many different pieces, but I chose to make it a little dressier.

 Top: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Bracelet: Topshop

Sunglasses: Pacsun

Shoes: Nordstrom

Mixing Patterns:

            Mixing patterns is something that people find difficult to do. The main things you have to consider is making sure that:

  1. The patterns have colors in common
  2. The patterns are not too similar
  3. The patterns compliment each other

The way I normally mix patterns is by using some type of stripe or poka-dot, with a floral print. Using black and white patterns are easy because they already have the colors in common…but adding in a color or too isn’t bad. For this outfit, putting a flowy floral tee under the striped sweatshirt mixes too patterns well. Then when you add the shorts with lace, it adds another pattern and connects the top to the bottom.

 Floral Tee: American eagle

Sweatshirt: American eagle

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: American eagle

Bright Patterns and Plain:

            For the summer I love wearing bright colors like orange, blues, and purples. But if you try to put too many colors on, it ends up looking bad. A great way to balance the colors is to wear one really bright and vibrant color or pattern with one really plain piece. For this outfit, pairing the really bright and bold shirt (not to mention its really unique cut) with the plain black shorts balanced the colors. But this could be reversed or changed!

 Shirt: Zara

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Nordstrom

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Necklaces: Forever 21

Bold Pieces:

            Trying new things in the summer is the best because you can get a feel without having the pressure of school. Recently I decided to try sweater vests. This one was very cool not only because of the style, but also because it has that very bright, standout color. But things like overalls, and other styles would be cool to try too. But remember, when you wear bold pieces, don’t forget to tone them down. For this outfit, with the very bright top, wearing the darker scarf and white shorts made the orange pop, but toned it down at the same time.

 Top: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Necklace: Nordstrom

Bracelet: Topshop

Shoes: American eagle

1 month ago
Anonymous asked: How can you match your clothes such as your top and bottom with the right colors?


Its all about either making them contrast to make it look interesting, or trying to find things that compliment. 

Something examples of good combinations:

  • Wearing all one color, such as white shorts with a white top and blazer could be really sleek and dressy for a dinner. This is because it stands out and is different.
  • Wearing colors like white and black as a base for your outfit means that it really can go with anything. Then adding pops of orange and blue..or pink and purple. 
  • The thing that people struggle with the most is mixing patterns. Stripes and pokadots are something that can be mixed with florals, aztecs, etc. Otherwise different specific prints can match. You want to make sure that the patterns are not too similar or busy. Then you also want to make sure that they have at least one color in common to make sure that they connect and look good!

1 month ago
Anonymous asked: What can you wear with flats?And wat color will almost go with your clothes


Flats are amazing because they go with everything! In this weather i love wearing them with my silk-like shorts. 

Recently i have been getting white flats just because they look really sleek. Also this season is going to be all bout nudes and pastels so they will match a lot!

1 month ago
Anonymous asked: Wat can you wear with black and white floral pants for your top?


  • Wearing a black and white striped top would be really cute if you added a chunky colored statement necklace or a bright colored scarf. 
  • Wearing a plain top with a patterned scarf that is like stripes or pokadots to compliment it would be really cute too!

1 month ago

My Essentials..

Some days you get out of bed and are ready to strut the runway, while other days you roll out of bed wanting to turn your blanket into and outfit. These items are all things that are perfect for any day, and that you just love.

1.) The Espadrilles 

In the spring and summer time when you are rushing through your school halls, relaxing on the beach, or just having a good time with your friends, you want to be comfortable. Now, I myself love a good sandal, but sometimes you want something else. Espadrilles are the perfect mix between a sandal, and a sneaker or boot. While giving you the comfort of a boot or sneaker, you get the look of a pretty flat or sandal. The good thing about this style is that there are so many options, from the Chanel leather ones, to the ones at target..here are some of my favorite ones, but they’re are so many! 

1. Tory Burch Espadrille Flats - Lonnie (bloomingdales)

2. Jeffrey Campbell Atha Cap Toe Espadrilles - White/Black (shpebop)

3. Tory Burch Myra Embroidered Leather Espadrilles (net-a-porter)

4. Stella McCartney Cameron Espadrilles (barneys)

5. Free People Crochet Galaxy Espadrille (free people)

They are perfect to go with really any outfit. 

2.) The Silk Short

I have always said beauty hurts, but that’s when it needs to. When it comes to wearing shorts, I love wearing the more silk looking shorts. Partly what I love about them is that they are so easy to dress up or down, but nothing can beat how comfortable they are. While giving you a cute skirt or sophisticated short look, they feel so soft and nice. To dress them up they can be worn with things like blazers, nice jewelry, or a dressier top. To dress them down you can out on a floral shirt and a scarf, or even just a plain shirt. They are so versatile, and what’s also good is that they go with all shoes. When an item is restricted to looking good with one thing, it makes it hard to wear a lot. But with these, they can go with almost anything. 

1. Zara Printed Shorts (zara)

2. Zara Shorts With Sheer Detail (zara)

3. ASTR Faux Leather Dolphin Shorts (nordstrom)

4. Topshop Tile Scarf Print Shorts (topshop)

5. Topshop Scallop Shorts (topshop)

3.) Light Scarf

Most days I have a scarf on. They are something that can fit with any style or outfit, but they are also so comfortable. I find that they are an easy way to spice up and outfit, and unlike most jewelry they still allow you to run around and have fun. 

They make so many different kinds of scarves, but for the spring and summer I like the square ones because they are smaller and tend to fit with this seasons styles better!

1. Emilio Pucci Square Scarf (yoox)

2. LOFT Rosebud Stripe Square Scarf (loft)

3. Ralph Lauren Nautical Silk Square Scarf (ralph lauren)

4. ECHO Graphic Square Scarf (lord and taylor)

5. River Island Black Floral Chain Print Scarf (river island)

My favorite way to wear these silk like scarves is in a outfit that mixes dressy with casual. Wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts is casual, then you can add t-shirt or shimmer shirt to add a more dressy feel. Then adding a square scarf and a white blazer, gives it a sophisticated touch. Then finish the outfit off with a pair of sandals or espadrilles. The contrast of the ripped jeans with a sleek white blazer is very complementing, while the square scarf brings together the whole outfit!

4.) Patterned Tank Tops and Shirts

While sometimes a plain white tee can be all you want to wear, having patterned tops makes those rough mornings a little bit easier. Now, I am a complete sucker for a soft, sleek, plain shirt..but recently I have been trying to widen my horizons to bolder shirts. Not only do the bright colors and patterns scream warmer weather, but they also make it so that you don’t have to add to much to make a really cute outfit. 

1. ASTR Beaded Collar Print Tank White/Black/Turquoise (nordstrom)

2. Zara Printed T-Shirt With Edging (zara)

3. Topshop Snake Jacquard Tee (topshop)

4. Topshop Check Sequin Tee (topshop)

5. Chelsea28 Layered Chiffon Tank (nordstrom)

5.) Assorted Gold Bangles and Bracelets

While having fun bracelets in all different colors is nice to go with specific outfits, having a few “wear everyday” pieces are nice to. Getting some cute bangles and bracelets in rose or rose gold mean they go with everything. They are sold everywhere in all different price ranges…places like Michael Kors and Nordstums make better quality, and therefore more expensive..but places like h&m and forever 21 have cheaper versions where you can get more. 

1. Micheal Kors Two-Tone Astor Bangle (micheal kors)

2. Cartier LOVE Bangle (cartier)

3. Hermes Clic-Clac H Bracelet (us hermes)

4. Micheal Kors Fulton Hinge Bracelet (nordstrom)

5. Sequin Stone Cuff White/Gold (nordstrom)

6.) Colorful Tech Accessories 

In the warmer months, I love having pops of color throughout my life. Phone cases, iPad covers, fun headphones…they are all clever ways to spice up and outfit. People plan all aspects of their outfit, but sometimes they forget about the phone case. You get get them so cheap off of amazon, or you can get more expensive name brand ones. Whatever you do, you can change them to match your outfit and mood..plus I always love changing it up!

1. Rifle Paper Co. Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 Case (anthropologie)

2. Kate Spade New York Glitter Resin Phone Case for iPhone 5C (zappos couture)

3. Micheal Kors Phone Case with Pocket (lord and taylor)

4. Kate Spade New York Tropical Floral Resin Phone Case for iPhone 5/5S (zappos couture)

5. Givenchy Rottweiler-Print iPhone 5 Cover (net-a-porter)

7.) Jackets and Blazers 

Even though the seasons are changing and warm weather is here, jackets and blazers are still a must. Whether it’s just to look cute, or keep you warm during chillier parts of the day, they are perfect. There are so many styles that they can match anything. Having either bright colors or patterns can be good to spice up plain outfits. Or wearing more neutral colors can be good to finish an already more put together look.

1. Forever 21 Crepe Woven Boyfriend Blazer (forever 21)

2. Sophie Rue Crepe Moto Jacket (nordstrom)

3. Topshop Slim Curve Blazer (topshop)

4. Forever 21 Must-Have Blazer (forever 21)

5. Zara Blazer With Zips (zara)

(If you have any questions about how to wear something, or anything fashion related, go to the side tab and ask!)

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